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Sitelinks And How Changes Affect Search Result Displays At Google

Google has the goal of ensuring faster and better search results for users. As such the search engine giant introduces new algorithms and changes to search result displays on a regular basis of which the most [...]

Google Targets Low Quality Content Through More Panda Changes

The Google algorithms change all the time and as such announcements about the company targeting low quality content don’t cause tremendous ripples on the surface. The general speculation, however, is that content farms are next on [...]

Original Content Is King With The Latest Google Algorithm Changes

SEO companies and website owners have to work around the clock to adapt their online and website marketing strategies to ensure that the sites they promote don’t fall victim to the latest Google algorithm changes, which [...]

Blekko: More Scratch Than Slash

It feels like déjà vu whenever a new search engine make its appearance with the notion to take the internet by storm and set the new bench mark for what they think a search engine should [...]

Offline vs. Online Advertising

A recession is generally seen as a bad time. Jobs are lost, banks loan less, and, as the consumer tightens his or her belt, businesses start to suffer. Generally businesses try to counteract the negative consequences [...]